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> OptoComb Elements

The viewer, visual inspection, and shape and dimension inspection software licenses are packaged for ease of use.


By combining the necessary licenses for everything from visualization of 3D point cloud data to analysis processing, it becomes easy to automate the inspection process.


Main Functions

・Optcomb Viewer

・Optcomb Detector

・Optcomb Measure


> OptoComb Ruler

OptoComb 3D scanners can access the profile of the most complex manufactured parts. The OptoComb Ruler toolbox leverages this 3D data to offer a GD&T analysis based on the part's design. OptoComb Ruler offers a user-friendly environment to fully customize and automate your dimensional inspection process from data acquisition to GD&T analysis and inspection report generation. OptoComb Ruler is thus the ideal toolbox for both the seasoned metrologist and the dimensional inspection operator.

Main Functions

Dimensional inspection
Automated GD&T analysis
Custom recipes



> OptoComb Scan

This is scanning software for acquiring optical comb 3D point cloud data.

Parameters such as scan area and pitch between points can be set, making it easy to optimize data acquisition conditions.


Main Functions

Getting 3D point cloud data measuring by Optical Comb technology


> OptoComb Sequence Controller

Scanning is performed based on the XYZ position sequence program.

By creating a sequence in advance, it is possible to scan in any combination of scan areas.


Main Functions

Can be defined the scan sequence by GUI and execute the scanning sequence


> OptoComb SDK

If you want to build inspection software or integrate with equipment, we can provide a software development kit to suit your on-site software development environment.

Main Functions

 software development kit for inspection


> OptoComb Custom Software

This is custom software for optimal use of optical comb sensors in your production line.

Main Functions

We can provide to solution for the factory production line for the customer requirement