A few words from OptoComb’s CEO.

Since our establishment as a technology venture from Tokyo Institute of Technology in April 2002, we have been delivering new value to our customers by offering new solutions based on unique core technology: the OptoComb. In 2016, we released the world’s first OptoComb-based 3D scanner, which is now widely used for the dimensional and visual inspection of automotive parts.


The OptoComb is still a new technology, but it already has the potential to create breakthroughs for the manufacturing industry by enabling high-speed and high-precision distance measurement. We will thus continue to refine our OptoComb technology, so that it can be applied beyond 3D scanning and the full inspection of manufactured parts to a variety of industrial applications.


We thrive to meet the needs of manufacturers and the demands of our customers, and we will continue to take on the challenge of providing products and services that exceed expectations. We look forward to build the future of manufacturing together with you.

OptoComb, Inc.