Dimensional inspection

High-accuracy 3D scanners for the dimensional inspection of complex parts


Ultra-high precision dimensional inspection of complex shapes, which was previously impossible, is now possible. By scanning a coaxial laser at high speed using optical comb technology that enables both uneven shape tracking and high precision, it is possible to fully automate the dimensional inspection of complex shapes such as castings, forgings, and processed parts. . In fact, our OptoComb 3D sensor can measure one measurement point in 2μs, making it possible to achieve extremely high-speed measurements. This can be said to be a major breakthrough in an area that was not possible with existing inspection technologies.


Purpose of the installation

> Volume calculation
> Visual inspection
> Dimension measurement

Problems before the installation

> Dimensions of products are measured by hand and only sampling inspections can be performed.
> Volume cannot be calculated manually.
> Conduct a complete inspection.


> Geometric feature detection

> Bore to bore distance measurement

> Point-to-point/plane distance measurement

> Flatness calculation

> Step assessment

> Automated inspection report generation

> Export your data and inspection reports

And more!


OptoComb's technology is based on optical frequency combs, coaxial laser systems that scan objects and give access to the full 3D profile of parts with high accuracy. With this  technology, Optocomb 3D scanners are capable of measuring 500,000 data points per second, a high-speed performance that significantly shortens the time to scan manufactured parts. As a result, they are the ideal solution for a fully automated dimensional inspection of complex structures such as cast, forged, and machined parts. Breaking up with existing technologies, Optocomb 3D scanners thus represent a major breakthrough in the field of inspection.