Make the most of your OptoComb 3D data with OptoComb Suite

    Meet all your metrology needs
  • 3D visualization
  • Automated GD&T analysis
  • Complex volume calculation
  • Automated defects detection
  • User-friendly measurement and analysis
  • Automated inspection report generation
  • Export of data and inspection reports
  • And more...

XTIA's 3D metrology and Quality 4.0 solutions are powered by the OptoComb Suite, a comprehensive 4-part software package dedicated to the visualization, processing and automated analysis of your OptoComb 3D data.

01OptoComb Viewer

OptoComb Suite by XTIA

3D visualization

  • 3D Visualization
  • Cross sections
  • Geometry fitting

02OptoComb Ruler

OptoComb Suite by XTIA

GD&T analysis

  • Dimensional inspection
  • Automated GD&T analysis
  • Custom recipes

03OptoComb Detector

OptoComb Suite by XTIA

Visual inspection

  • Visual inspection
  • Microdefect detection
  • Automated analysis


Take a deep dive into your high-resolution data

With OptoComb Viewer, you can visualize and explore the high-resolution data of your OptoComb scanner. You can probe the smallest features and assess positions, diameters, dimensions and distances with high accuracy. OptoComb Viewer can also fit your 3D data with various geometries to gain even further insight into your part's 3D profile.

  • 2D&3D visualization
  • Cross-sections
  • And more...
  • Point-to-point distance
  • Line-to-point distance
  • Plane-to-point distance
  • Height and depth
  • Bore radius
  • And more...
    Export as .csv and .stl
Valve Body Inspection with OptoComb Suite by XTIA

Plane fitting with OptoComb Suite by XTIA
    Fit to basic geometries
  • Planes
  • Lines
  • Spheres
  • Cones
  • Cylinders
  • Polynomial geometries
  • And more...


Dimensional inspection in a single click

OptoComb 3D scanners by XTIA can access the profile of the most complex manufactured parts. The OptoComb Ruler toolbox leverages this 3D data to offer a GD&T analysis based on the part's design. OptoComb Ruler offers a user-friendly environment to fully customize and automate your dimensional inspection process from data acquisition to GD&T analysis and inspection report generation. OptoComb Ruler is thus the ideal toolbox for both the seasoned metrologist and the dimensional inspection operator.

    Dimensional inspection
  • Automated part inspection
  • Design comparison
  • Custom inspection recipes
  • All-in-one data acquisition and analysis
  • Automated inspection report generation

    Automated GD&T amalysis
  • Positional deviation
  • Flatness
  • Straightness
  • Parallelism
  • Circularity
  • Eccentricity
  • And more...
Automated dimensional inspection with OptoComb Suite by XTIA


Robust algorithms for instant microdefect detection

A major advantage of XTIA's OptoComb 3D scanners is their micrometer resolution enabling the measurement of 3D microdefects such as burrs and scratches. The OptoComb Detector toolbox makes the most of this high-resolution data and offers unique algorithms and custom recipes dedicated to the automated detection, identification and quantification of 3D microdefects. OptoComb Detector is integrated with the 3D scanning process and enables a fully automated visual inspection from data acquisition to data analysis and inspection report generation. OptoComb Detector is thus an all-in-one toolbox for all visual inspection purposes.

Automated defect detection with OptoComb Suite by XTIA
    Visual inspection
  • Automated part inspection
  • Robust algorithms for defect detection
  • Custom inspection recipes
  • All-in-one data acquisition and analysis
  • Automated inspection report generation

    3D microdefect detection
  • Dents
  • Scratches
  • Burrs
  • Particles
  • Bulges
  • And more...


A flexible toolbox for complex volume calculations

The volume of parts and features is often a key parameter for the performance of manufactured parts. OptoComb Scaler is a flexible toolbox dedicated to the volume inspection of the most complex parts such as combustion chambers. It leverages the micrometer resolution data of OptoComb 3D scanners to provide your part's volume calculation with unparalleled accuracy. Integrated with the measurement process, OptoComb Scaler provides a fully customized and automated inspection of your part's volume for maximum performance.

    Complex volume calculation
  • Assess combustion chambers and more...
  • Automated part inspection
  • Custom inspection recipes
  • All-in-one data acquisition and analysis
  • Reach unparalleled accuracy
  • Automated inspection report generation
Combustion chamber volume calculation with OptoComb Suite by XTIA

Some OEMs using OptoComb 3D scanners on their manufacturing lines

Nissan and OptoComb track record
Mazda and OptoComb track record
Yamaha and OptoComb track record

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