OptoComb V-mirror

Many medium and large parts have deep and complex structures that need to meet high quality requirements and the ever-demanding designs of modern manufacturing. Until now, the in-line inspection of such structures with micrometer accuracy has remained elusive. It is especially the case for bores, as accessing dimensional information deep into cylindrical structures while delivering micrometer-level accuracy is a significant challenge. Leveraging their unique coaxial configuration and high accuracy, OptoComb 3D scanners can be combined with a 45° mirror to successfully address this issue.

XTIA has thus developed the OptoComb V-mirror system that combines an OptoComb 3D scanner with a reversed V-shaped mirror translating within the structure along its z-axis. With this system, XTIA brings a new dimensional inspection solution to the table, scanning the inner walls of bores, cylinders and other complex structures with high accuracy, and enabling the GD&T analysis of a large range of manufactured parts.

OptoComb V-mirror 3D scanner by XTIA: dimensional inspection of bores.
  • Target: internal walls of bores and cylindrical parts, standing walls of slits, cases...
  • Dimensional inspection: direct access to diameter, straightness, position with microscale accuracy.
  • Adaptability: compatible with all our 3D scanner configurations, the V-mirror addon can adapt its measurement range and accuracy to your inspection needs.