OptoComb 360

The in-line inspection of manufactured parts presenting a rotational symmetry and micrometer tolerances has been a challenge, especially for complex parts such as spools or drills. Thanks to their coaxial configuration and their high-resolution, OptoComb 3D scanners can be leveraged to successfully address this issue.

XTIA has developed OptoComb 360, a unique system combining an OptoComb 3D scanner with a rotating stage to scan objects over 360°. With this system, XTIA brings a new visual and dimensional inspection solution to the table and enables the outer surface of spools and other structures with rotational symmetry to be measured with high accuracy. This solution covers a large range of manufactured parts (spools, drills, step drills, driver bits etc...) and provides a direct access to their position, diameter, cylindricity, circularity etc.. Moreover, it can quantitatively detect various micro-defects such as foreign particles, burrs, scratches and more.

OptoComb 360 is compatible with all OptoComb 3D scanner configurations and can adapt its performance to your inspection needs.

OptoComb 360 by XTIA: inspect spools, drills and more.
  • Target: manufactured parts with rotational symmetry, spools, drills, step drills, driver bits etc.
  • Dimensional inspection:direct access to diameter, cylindricity, circularity etc.
  • Visual inspection: quantitative detection of various 3D micro-defects (particles, scratches...)
  • Adaptability: compatible with all our 3D scanner configurations, OptoComb 360 can adapt its performance to your inspection needs.


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