Leveraging the unique coaxial configuration of Optocomb lasers, XTIA sensors can be combined with a rotating mirror. It powers our Helical Scan system, the only optical tool that can measure the inner walls of cylindrical structures with micro-accuracy. Many medium and large parts have a cylindrical shape and need to meet high quality requirements and the ever-demanding designs of modern manufacturing. Until now, the in-line inspection of such inner surfaces in 3D with micro-accuracy has remained elusive. It is especially the case for bores, as accessing visual and dimensional information deep into cylindrical structure while delivering micrometer-level accuracy is a significant challenge. Thanks to its coaxial configuration and the accuracy of the Optocomb, XTIA sensors can be leveraged to successfully address this issue.

XTIA has thus developed a helical scanner combining its high-accuracy Optocomb sensor with a rotating mirror that translates within the structure along its z-axis and probes the inner walls in three dimensions. With this system, XTIA brings a new visual and dimensional inspection solution to the table and enables the inner surface of bores and other cylindrical structures to be measured with high accuracy. This solution gives direct access to the position, diameter, cylindricity, circularity and depth of your bores with diameters ranging from 20 mm to 60 mm, thus covering a large range of manufactured parts. Moreover, it can quantitatively detect various micro-defects such as foreign particles, burrs, scratches and more.

Optocomb Helical Scan by XTIA