2021.12.10 | Yosuke Muraki appointed as new CEO of XTIA Ltd.

We are pleased to announce that Takao Yagi resigned from his position as CEO at the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders and the Board of Directors Meeting held on December 10th, 2021, and Yosuke Muraki, Executive Officer and General Manager of the Technology Development Division, assumed the position of CEO on the same day.

Yosuke Muraki, who has been in charge of the technology development division, has been promoted to the position of CEO, and will accelerate the promotion of technology and development with a focus on collaboration with alliance partners. The former CEO, Takao Yagi, has been instrumental in launching the alliance business and expanding the Company’s business. Under the new structure, the Company has decided to replace the CEO in order to ensure further growth by concentrating efforts and resources on technology development and speeding up operations.

Yosuke Muraki, new CEO of XTIA Ltd.

Word from the new CEO, Yosuke Muraki:
“I would like to thank the Board for trusting my leadership. I look forward to further growing XTIA and expanding the reach of its unique OptoComb technology. By continuously improving our technology and developing new applications, we will deliver great value for our clients and shareholders as we keep revolutionizing metrology for the manufacturing industry.”