Our most recent track record and partnerships


Japan No. 1 for the inline inspection of automotive parts

XTIA×JUKI HYBRID for Yamaha Motor

OptoComb by XTIA for Mazda

Optocomb by XTIA and Nissan's dream engine

XTIA's strategic alliance with NIKON, JUKI & Sojitz


XTIA's most recent track record and partnerships

01 Japan no. 1 for in-line inspection of automotive parts.

XTIA is Japan No. 1 for the non-contact in-line inspection of automotive parts

For 5 years in a row since 2017, XTIA has remained the Japan no. 1* provider of in-line inspection systems dedicated to the automotive industry.
*market share ranking of Fuji Keizai's report "Current Status and Future Market Outlook of Image Processing Systems".

02 XTIA×JUKI's Hybrid system automates Yamaha Motor's next inspection process

XTIA×JUKI HYBRID, instrumental in automating Yamaha's inspection process

A Nikkei X-Tech article featuring the HYBRID inspection system co-developed by JUKI and XTIA. Combining JUKI's high-speed 2D-image recognition system with the high-resolution OptoComb 3D scanner by XTIA, the HYBRID inspection system takes the best of both worlds to optimize and automate Yamaha Motor's visual inspection process. Yet another achievement to add to XTIA's track record in the automotive industry and a big win for XTIA×JUKI's alliance. Click the links below for more details.

[XTIA×JUKI Hybrid]
[Nikkei X-Tech]

03 OptoCombs for full in-line inspection

Mazda uses Optocomb 3D scanners by XTIA for high-accuracy inspection

A special feature article of Nikkei Monozukuri (July 2020 issue, pp80-86) features how Mazda Motor Corporation leverages Optocomb 3D scanners to maintain tolerances as thin as a piece of paper.

04 Contributing to Nissan Motor's dream engine

Nissan leverages optocomb 3D scanners by XTIA for its engine optimization

XTIA's in-line inspection systems made a major contribution to Nissan's long-cherished desire for a variable compression ratio engine.

05 Strategic Alliance with NIKON, JUKI & Sojitz

XTIA's strategic alliance with NIKON, JUKI & Sojitz

XTIA has formed a strategic alliance with NIKON, JUKI, Sojitz and INCJ while raising a total of 1.7 billion yens. The alliance enables XTIA to expand its 3D scanning technology and in-line inspection business. It also allows its partners to leverage XTIA's Optocomb technology in order to develop high value-added solutions and applications such as metal 3D printing (NIKON), hybrid inspection (JUKI), or inspection outsourcing (Sojitz).