XTIA, a company powered by people
Passion, obsession and growth are the driving forces of our company

Takao YAGI, President and CEO

Master from Cambridge University
Sony alumni

Hiroshi FUKUZAWA, Executive chairman

Nomura Securities alumni

Motonobu KOUROGI, Honorary Fellow

PhD from TokyoTech


PwC alumni

Kazuhiro IMAI, CTO

Ph.D from TokyoTech


Master from the University of Tokyo
University of California - Berkeley
Sony alumni (2012 MVP)


Ph.D from the University of Tokyo
Master from MIT


Takashi IZUMI, Executive

Toyota Central R&D Labs alumni

Shinichiro KAKIGAHARA, Executive

Former President of Panasonic Europe, Kyocera Executive

George Yokoi, Executive



30 years of experience and ideas

Motonobu KOUROGI, PhD (Honorary Fellow)

Kazuhiro IMAI, PhD (CTO)


Hiroshi FUKUZAWA, PhD (Chairman)

Birth of a concept

Dr Kourogi came up with the concept of XTIA's optical comb technology. Dr Imai also joined Kourogi's research team early on and aspired to help building the technology and the company from the ground up. Their challenge from the beginning was to discover how to go from a technological concept to a practical application.The company then benefited from the attention and support of Nobel-prize winners Theodor Hänsch and John Hall.

Technology prototype

After years of works, Dr Kourogi and Dr Imai came up with the first prototype in 2008. John Hall and Theodor Hensch who were awarded the 2005 Nobel Prize in Physics for their application to basic physics. Both of them joined the company board owing to their close relationship with Mr Kourogi.

Establising the technology

Mr Fukuzawa joined the team, aiming at establishing and mass-producing the technology while starting up a sustainable business. Mr Fukuzawa enabled the commercialization of our technology by raising the large sums of money needed for the development of hardware technology, which had been difficult in Japan's industrial structure. With the participation of Dr Jablonski, the company finally established its mass-production technology for oscillators, which then became the company's core technology. At that point and after years of dedication and intense efforts, solid foundations were established to ensure the company's future.