Optical-Comb Range Finder

5μm accuracy at a 78m range

Accuracy evaluated by the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology. The photo shows the accuracy evaluation of the optical comb method at AIST. Specification details:
・ 0.1ppm accuracy at a ~80m range
・ 1μm accuracy at a 5m range
・ 5μm accuracy at a 78m range.
A laser rangefinder can typically measure several hundred meters ahead, but only the optical comb method can achieve such a high accuracy.

Optical Comb Generator

Optical comb and optical pulse generation with a Fabry-Perot electro-optic modulator

LN waveguide
Central wavelength 1530-1565nm
Modulation frequency 25GHz
High-finesse cavity
Low Vp
Low energy consumption
Optical comb / optical pulse generation
Radio over fiber
Wireless communication, etc.
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Optical comb generator with temperature control function
LN waveguide
Central wavelength 1.5
Comb spacing 25GHz
Comb span 10THz(Typ.)
Optical fiber connections. No optical axis alignment required.
High frequency accuracy and stability
Resonator length control by temperature control only
Input light source, RF oscillator, servo system are not built-in
Multi-wavelength light source for optical communication
Radio over fiber
Standard light source for optical frequency measurement, etc.
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