A unique industrial application of
the most advanced optical concept

  • Optical comb

    An optical comb is a special type of laser made of sharp and equally spaced lines resembling the teeth of a comb. With its central wavelength at 1500nm, it can be considered as a safe class 1 laser.

  • The world's most accurate ruler

    XTIA's optical comb laser can measure with micron accuracy in a coaxial configuration. Although the principle and structure of the laser are complex, its simple use and its coaxial configuration allows for a whole new range of measurements and great benefits. Here are some of the unmatched advantages XTIA's sensors.

01Complex 3D structures

Easy measurement of complex 3D structures

With its coaxial configuration, the very concept of XTIA's optical comb laser allows for the best possible measurement accuracy. Its greatest advantage is to allow for the profiling of complex 3D shapes: interferences between the measurement light and the structure is minimized, so that data with high reliability can be obtained.

02 High speed

High-speed measurement
at 500kHz

XTIA's technology enables a fully automated inspection at a speed of 500,000 points per second. With such a high measurement speed, large data sets can be obtained for a broad range of applications, including high-accuracy shape profiling.

03Depth of focus

Measurement of irregularities up to 130mm

XTIA sensors have a very wide measurement depth and can measure not only complex shapes but also large irregularities. As a result, our sensors enable the automated inspection of medium and large size parts with complex 3D shapes that can not be probed through other measurement methods.

04Unaffected by ambient light

Can be operated in any light environment

XTIA's optical comb laser reflected by the target object can be clearly distinguished from stray light. The resulting measurement thus remains unperturbed by the ambient light. It ensures a highly reproducible acquisition of data at the production site, irrespective of its light environment.

05Working distance

Long working distance

Our wide range sensor presents a working distance as long as 127mm, whereas our high-definition sensor exhibits a working distance as long as 106mm. As a result, XTIA products can easily measure the depth of unique shapes for which long working distances are required.